An important part of contemporary syntax studies involves grammaticality judgments - asking "is this sentence grammatical?" - prompting questions of what it means for a sentence to be "grammatical" and if there is anything more concrete to this concept of grammaticality in general. (Click for more)

Syntax Applications

There are plenty of ways syntax surfaces in our everyday lives, and certain questions (such as that of grammaticality, or questions about the abstractness of syntactic theory) can have broader implications for our understanding of knowledge in general. Notable topics include Sign Language, Syntax and Computation, and Bilingualism. (Click for more)

Contemporary Research

There is a great deal of contemporary research being done in the field of syntax. Here you will find scholarly articles and links to sources where you can find out more about this research. Popular topics in current research include Experimental Syntax and Abstractness. (Click for more)

Compiled Sources

Here you will find a collection of sources (contemporary and otherwise) that can point you in the right direction for your research or interest in syntax. (Click for more)

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